We are a young, close-knit, competent team that loves wood.

Guided by a forward-thinking entrepreneur who took the helm of a small local company producing wood profiles in 1985 and turned it into the big company it is today, we deal with wood and its outdoor applications, as well as with picture frames and solid wood profiles that represent the starting point of our journey.


Decking and cladding, namely the outdoor application of floors and of cladding for building façades, are what we are best at. We work hard and study every day to recommend you the best materials and we manage to accompany you in the implementation of your projects until they become a reality, being either major projects or small installations.

Our passion and competence lead us to select, test and offer the most durable and resistant wood species and alternative materials, respecting nature and environmental sustainability. As a matter of fact, we have certifications for the chain of custody and control processes for the legal cutting and the protection of forests (FSC® , PEFC, Timber Regulation).

The CE marking for structural timber and staff members being signed in the Federlegno registers of wood specialists allow us to cooperate with and advise designers and architects for the implementation of big private and public projects.

Being ready to meet any type of need and to improve day after day, we are happy to have turned our passion into an important job, appreciated and recognized by many, to the point of having us become privileged interlocutors for the draft of technical regulations of our industry in the UNI certifications.


We have been collaborating with reliable and efficient partners for years in order to provide you with all the necessary support to make your project real.

Colora Legno creates finishings on wood elements of any wood species and wood profile, with peculiar experience concerning indoor and outdoor floorings.

iDeck is a young and innovative company, inventor of the Easyclick installation system.

Impertek produces and commercializes waterproofing and construction components.

Moso is a highly certified company offering innovative bamboo solutions for indoor and outdoor use, among which Thermo-Treated Bamboo stands out.