Wood Engineering

Wood Engineering


Due to the solid experience gained over the years, Ravaioli Legnami is able to provide materials and wood species that can be used to implement particularly complex works, such as shore protection systems, natural and hydraulic engineering works, bridges, docks and harbour works.

All the woods suggested by Ravaioli for the implementation of these works are included in the 4 and 5 use class and in the I or II natural durability class, which identify the high resistance of these materials that are often immersed in water or are used for structural purposes.

As a matter of fact, Ravaioli selects the best woods for each purpose, advising about which ones may be suitable both for installation near the sea, lakes and rivers since the design phase, owning also the CE marking for structural use timber that makes the material safe, controlled and certified.

Among the works that can be constructed with the Wood Engineering are:

  1. major hydraulic projects: lock gates, floodgates, river dams and waterfalls
  2. Harbour works: piles for ports, protection beams, mooring bollards, friction beams, catapults, fender barriers and piers
  3. Shore protection systems: sheet piling, bankboard panels
  4. Bridges and walkways both fixed and removable, public and private works

Every project complying with naturalistic engineering is personally supervised by one of our specialised technicians, who manages to suggest the best steps in every phase of the project, until its final implementation.