WPC Superior is a high quality and certified composite material, suitable for outdoor use even in unfavorable climatic conditions, thanks to its resistance to temperature variations and atmospheric agents.

The material consists of wood flour (50%), HDPE (high density recycled polyethylene, 45%) and chemical additives (5%) for a total of 95% of material from recycled sources.

The board is covered with a plastic and coextruded film that wraps it protecting it from color change, organic or chemical stains (oil, coffee, wine or acids), it also has anti-scratch protection surface. It is water-repellent, non-rotting and resistant. WPC Superior is non-slip, does not splinter and is suitable and tested even in marine environments.

The color, after a slight initial almost imperceptible change, stabilizes and does not undergo further variations over time.

Each board has a rounded hollow encapsulated section and a profile with symmetrical milling, and has a smooth side and one with an anti-slip effect (3D wood effect).

It is suitable to be used in private, residential, commercial and public locations.

Available in 5 colours: Silver Grey, Nut, Cocoa Pearl and Ash Stone.


Download and consult the technical datasheet of this material.

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