Wood profiles represent the world of customized craftsmanship: Ravaioli Legnami manages to offer numerous types of solid wood profiles such as picture frames, skirting boards and moulded profiles.

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Skirting boards

Ravaioli has been producing and commercializing skirting boards of any wood type for more than 30 years, with a wide assortment of different wood species, dimensions and finishings, in classic models with either standard or special profiles and dimensions. Among the latter, a pearl of the collection are the “Skirting Boards of the Masters”. They are a design line characterized by moulded profiles, which represent a real furniture and decorative item.

Solid wood

Moulded profiles

wood veneered

Tanganyika Walnut veneered

MDF veneered

other materials

other materials

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The history of Ravaioli Legnami was written by the profiles of solid wood accessories. Profiles for doors, windows in general, including the accessories for shutter slats and blinds. All the solid wood picture frames are created in technologically advanced production plants that allow for the industrialization proper of large numbers, and the handcrafted care of small lots. Every accessory can be designed and made according to specific requests,with the support and collaboration of Ravaioli staff.


accessories for shutter slats and blinds


matchboard for blinds

Door trim

Window trim

Glazing Bead for doors and windows

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