Cittadella Bridge

Project details

  • Arch.: Richard Meier
  • Product: installation with symmetrical milling
  • Materials: Ipè
  • Location: Alessandria (AL)
  • Supplier: Itinera spa
  • Photographer: Raffaele Vaccari - Studio Controluce

The Cittadella bridge of Alessandria has always been a fundamental link between the two sides of the city that are divided by the river Tanaro.

Thanks to the famous arch. Richard Meier this bridge has become more than a simple and comfortable passage from one riverside to another, but a real worthy of note architectural work.

The new bridge project, inaugurated in October 2016, was conceived to solve the problem of repeated flooding of the river, which in 1994 had devastating effects damaging the existing bridge structure, covering the carriageway and creating a dam effect for the deposit of the debris on the pylons that caused a lot of damages in the city.

Richard Meier, an American architect known all over the world, meticulously followed all the steps of the project in collaboration with Dante O. Benini & Partners Architects of Milan.

They create a majestic single span bridge with a total width of approximately 176.40 m, composed of 2 curved elements around a central “almond” space, made in order to divide the vehicular traffic from the cycle-pedestrian area, that are interconnected by large steel tie-rods.

The cycle-pedestrian platform, made in Ipè deck boards, offers a pleasant view of the river and follows the axis of the old bridge of the Napoleonic era . The flooring, 38×90 mm section, with non-slip visible side and installed with symmetrical milling, has a width that varies between 13 and 7 meters, depending on the degree of curvature of the central space.

Ipè is one of the most known and used wood in the world of decking and was chosen for its physical and mechanical characteristics that fit the need for stability, strength and aesthetic relevance that Meier wanted to give to his project .