Golfo Aranci

Project details

  • Product: installation with customized preassebled deck tiles (Ipè) and structural elements (Azobè)
  • Materials: Ipè & Azobè
  • Location: Golfo Aranci - Italy

Golfo Aranci is a small town located in the province of Sassari, in the Gallura subregion. This small town, aside from offering numerous and wonderful beaches to be explored, thanks to its peculiar geographic position it hosts one of the most popular maritime stopovers of the island.

It is an important place both touristically and commercially, for which Ravaioli has designed and developed an important Wood Engineering creation.

The long pontoon of the seafront walkway and the docking port of the pleasure crafts are actually realized using Ipè 19×90 installed with the pre-assembled deck tiles system with visible screws, for a total of about 5 thousand square metres, whereas for the structural parts the chosen wood species was Azobè, an ideal wood for use in marine constructions exposed to wind and inclement weather.

A beautiful and high quality wooden solution that, thanks to the new functional, architectural and creative potentials, has redesigned the lines of the beautiful seafront of Golfo Aranci, a small town characterized by authentic and primal traditions.