"I Diamanti" Residential Complex

Project details

  • Arch.: Studio Lelli & Associati
  • Product: installation with visible screws
  • Materials: Teak Asia
  • Location: Lugo - Italy
  • Photographer: Diego Bracci

Geometric lines and new volumes play with materials such as glass, stone and wood, in a residential complex designed to harmonize human being with the territory and urban architecture.

We are located near the historic center of Lugo, in a residential complex designed by Lelli & Associati of Faenza, which has put in place the most innovative technologies, both from the constructive and environmental point of view, and has chosen Ravaioli Legnami among the best decking companies, to realize the outdoor flooring.

“I Diamanti” residential complex is the result of a new urban architecture that does not deface the territory, but enhances it by using elegant, natural and durable materials, fused with wisdom and design.

The high aesthetic value provided by the wooden terraces is underlined by the all-glass balconies that illuminate the floor giving a sense of widespread warmth, widen and dilate the visual space, and bring the terrace to its main value: that of idleness and relax.

Composed of Teak deck boards, the terraces of the residential complex overlook the city and dominate the surrounding landscape. The flooring, oiled in order to make the color even more warm and beautiful, is fixed with visible screws on an exotic wood substructure, to guarantee maximum durability and resistance over time.