Piazza D'Annunzio

Project details

  • Product: installation with visible screws
  • Materials: Ipè
  • Location: Padenghe sul Garda - Italy
  • Supplier: Real Parquet
  • Photographer: Gino Corbolante - Pidiprogetto

Piazza d’Annunzio is a wide large raised area, surrounded by greenery and trees and by a series of pedestrian paths and new spaces to host events and markets, in front of the town hall of Padenghe sul Garda.

Its redevelopment was started to recover the existing spaces, rarely used, for a public use destination in order to give back to the citizens a place of sociality that was missing.

The entire square, including benches and seats, has been covered with Ipè installed with visible screws with the aim to ensure beauty, stability and durability over time. An awesome work that lasted almost two years and for which the municipality has invested a lot.

The combination of wood with the glass balconies and with the several vases full of plants and flowers, the difference in height compared to the road and the width of the square, make it the ideal place for quiet walks and moments of relaxation.