Private residence Serpentine

Project details

  • Arch.: Paolo Nicolò Rusolen
  • Product: installation with Easyclick system
  • Materials: Taylor Collection and Thermo-treated Bamboo
  • Location: Ravenna - Italy
  • Photographer: Gino Corbolante - Pidiprogetto

Directly from the union of Ravaioli experience in the world of wood and the creative ideas of the designer Paolo Nicolò Rusolen the Taylor Collection arises: a perfect mixture in order to offer a patented and innovative collection, which presents a high aesthetic value and is made of natural and eco-friendly material Thermo-treated Bamboo, which makes every outdoor space nicer and more durable in time.

Two wisely combined deck boards, create 4 lines of product and eight different configurations. Rombi, Diamanti, Serpentine, Frecce: every combination gives a unique touch of creativity and design and it can be also mixed with the other Taylor Collection designs.