Sant'Erasmo Port - Palermo

Project details

  • Architectural project: Provenzano Architetti Associati
  • Promoter: OM Palermo
  • Implants, structures project and DL: Engineer Enrico Petralia
  • Port system Authority of the West Sicilian sea: Only responsible for the project Engineer Salvatore Acquista
  • Executing company: Ingegneria Costruzioni Colombrita
  • Product: installation with visible screws
  • Material: Itauba (sunshade) and Ipè (decking)
  • Location: Sant’Erasmo small port, Palermo
  • Photo by: Serena Eller Vainicher

According to Provenzano Architetti Associati Studio that cured it, “the project of requalification of Sant’Erasmo small port follows the logic of re-attributing quality to public space and to the urban waterfront, a logic that has been implemented for long time by the port Authority of Palermo. In this logic, President Pasqualino Monti strongly wanted this intervention to be completed in October 2019. The intervention essentially consists in a zero volume one. The small volumetry realized substitutes the original and demolished one, reducing its impact. The Sant’Erasmo port was conceived as a city port, a place open to the community’s fruition and to functions linked to recreational activities at an urban level. All the elements of the project have been thought in a logic of openness towards the sea. A kiosk, a lounge bar restaurant and a small building destined to cultural activities define the functional offer. The intervention pursues the maximum simplification of architectural shapes and the reduction of used materials, limiting them to those typical of the local tradition: plaster, Billiemi stone and wood. The intervention of requalification of the small port has been envisaged as a big device connecting the city and its historical center to the big city suburb that deserves interventions aiming at urban and coastal regeneration”.

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