Residence Thovez23 - Turin

Project details

  • Product: customization, installation with clips
  • Material: Sapelli Mahogany
  • Location: Turin
  • Photo by: Gino Corbolante - Pidiprogetto

At Borgo Crimea in Turin an old building structure, which first used to be a college and then a high school, has been requalified thanks to a restoration that turned it into a residential complex committed to achieving energy efficiency and sustainability.

Innovative solutions have been adopted for terraces too. According to the specific request by the designers, Ravaioli Legnami actually developed customized profiles that combine functionality and aesthetics: the deck boards are visible from every spot one looks at the terraces, and hence have high thickness to allow for both the structural load and the insertion of a small channel for water flows.

In the same material other customized profiles have been produced, such as handrails and planters.

  • Ravaioli_decking_Thovez_Torino_small-01_1024x683
  • Ravaioli_decking_Thovez_Torino_small-02_683x1024
  • Ravaioli_decking_Thovez_Torino_small-03_1024x683