Villa Acacia

Project details

  • Arch.: Vlada Gugl - Studio Gugl
  • Product: installation with pre-assembled deck tiles (Angelim and Cumarù - floorings) and installation with symmetrical milling (Garapa - cladding and balcony ceiling)
  • Materials: Angelim Amargoso, Cumarù (decking) and Garapa (cladding)
  • Location: Montenegro
  • Supplier: Promadura Floors d.o.o.

For the coverings of this impressive residential building located in a seaside town in Montenegro, the designer Vlada Gugl with the help of Promadura Floors d.o.o., has cleverly chosen to match different materials such as wood, steel, marble and glass.

The panoramic terraces overlooking the gulf are in fact a perfect combination of this mix: the floorings made in Angelim Amargoso and Cumarù deck tiles, thanks to their warm tone, muffle the cold effect of marble in a linear alternation that creates an enchanting effect of depth and of airiness, due also to presence of the glass balconies.

Even the façade of the building develops a play of geometric alternations, where Garapa wood installed with symmetrical milling is interrupted by some horizontal lines in marble, which rise concurrently with the window openings.

This game of alternation gives a pleasant sense of movement and invites the eye to look up high, where you will not be surprised to discover that even the wide and rounded ceilings of the terraces are covered in Garapa.

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