Ravaioli Legnami pays special attention to all the phases of its production process: from the choice of raw materials to the manufacturing, to the systematic control of the final quality of the product. It imports directly and it places importance on the choice of the best wood species in a perspective of natural resources and ecosystem protection.

Since 2011, the company owns the FSC® certification for the proper management of the chain of custody, a certification that identifies woods coming from forests managed properly and responsibly in compliance with strict environmental, social and economic standards. Thanks to this certification “a company can assure the market of the origin of the wood sold and can therefore show its own active contribution to the responsible forest management in an accurate, transparent and controlled way”.

Starting from 2017, the company, alongside the FSC® certification, has obtained the PEFC certification, which guarantees the compliance of the forest management with specific environmental sustainability requirements to ensure the protection and the preservation of forests, that are rigorously and periodically controlled.

The company has obtained the CE marking for structural use timber – namely the wood that is used for construction purposes – for a couple of years, in order to offer an additional guarantee especially in the case of big projects. This wood must be controlled from the beginning until the end of its production cycle according to rigorous criteria.

Ravaioli Legnami has been complying with the requirements imposed by the Timber Regulation [Regulation EU 995/2010] since its enforcement. It is the tool with which the European Union fights illegal wood trade in the member states. The company is also part of the members of Conlegno, a private non-profit consortium that deals with protecting forest heritage and biodiversity.

Additionally, the company follows the guidelines of C.I.T.E.S., the Washington Convention included in the environment programme of the United Nations (UNEP) and it has obtained the “Approved Exporter Status” (IT/003/RA/12) EUR 1 certificate from the Customs Agency.