Chevron decking system

Chevron system for French herringbone installation: elegance and design. French herringbone installation, also known as Chevron, is one of the great classics of interior parquet, often associated with prestige and elegance. Thanks to the Chevron system for Thermo-treated Bamboo and Bamboo Elegance decking, it is now also possible to perform this type of installation outdoors.

French herringbone installation

The planks are profiled at a 45-degree angle and a special accessory has been developed to facilitate installation and improve precision. The end result is a decking with an exclusive and luxurious design.

for bamboo-based products

The Chevron system is designed for Thermo-treated Bamboo and Bamboo Elegance deck boards.

Both are certified bamboo-based products. This fast-growing plant ensures a compact, solid, and inalterable product of excellent visual effect.

Thermo-treated Bamboo
A technological and carbon neutral product.
Bamboo Elegance
Maintenance-free, thanks to its naturally aged effect.

French herringbone: elegance and design.

© MOSO® International B.V. – photo Tarik Hart