Grad® installation system

Grad® is an innovative patented cladding installation system consisting of aluminium substructure bars with pre-installed and pre-spaced plastic clips. Grad® is compatible with Thermo-treated Bamboo and Bamboo Elegance deck boards. It is a complete and versatile system suitable for any wall. It comes with a 20-year warranty covering the entire structure. It’s environmentally sustainable: its materials (aluminium and polyoxymethylene) are recycled and recyclable.

fast and easy to install

Special milling on the back of the deck boards allows for easy, fast, precise, and removable installation thanks to the clips, thus saving time and leaving no room for errors.

The Grad® system is available for two different profiles: the CZ profile, which creates continuous cladding, and the CB profile. It’s also available with the exclusive Barcode pattern, characterised by alternating profiles of different widths.

Grad® system with CZ profile
Deck boards with a CZ profile are supplied with tongue-and-groove butt joints. They are installed using the Grad® substructure, creating continuous cladding. That’s why the package containing untreated Thermo-treated Bamboo with CZ profile and Grad® substructure is certified in class B-s1-d0 – reaction to fire (UNI EN 13501-1).

© MOSO® International B.V. – design BRT Architecten – photo R. Zeemering
Grad® system with a CB profile
The CB is slightly rounded to allow the removal of single boards using a special accessory called Key. That’s why deck boards are provided without tongue-and-groove butt joints.

© MOSO® International B.V. – design TIM Exclusive Gardens – photo Olivr
three decorative motifs for Grad® system
The Grad® system also offers three exclusive decorative motifs designed to add dynamism to vertical surfaces. These are the Barcode pattern, an open-jointed covering that allows the planks to be removed, and the Stream and Stripes patterns, two motifs characterised by a marked depth, which gives them a distinct three-dimensional effect.

for bamboo-based products

The Grad® system is designed for Thermo-treated Bamboo and Bamboo Elegance deck boards, sustainable and certified bamboo-based products. This fast-growing plant ensures a compact, solid, and inalterable product of excellent visual effect.

Thermo-treated Bamboo
A technological and carbon neutral product.
Bamboo Elegance
Maintenance-free, thanks to its naturally aged effect.

innovative and patented installation system

© MOSO® International B.V. – design SPEE architects – photo Ossip van Duivenbode