WPC decking

WPC decking combines excellent technical performance with respect for the surrounding nature. That’s how bamboo fibres merge with plastic resins, providing a natural and long-lasting effect.

WPC decking solutions

Outdoor flooring solutions made with WPC (Wood Polymer Composite). An ideal maintenance-free product to customise gardens, poolsides, patios, terraces, and other private or public outdoor settings.

technology leads you
to a world of beauty and efficiency

WPC: a sustainable material

WPC: an environmentally-friendly product resulting from technological evolution and scientific research. A long-lasting and low-maintenance bamboo composite that performs as wood while retaining its same beauty and magic. By combining quality plastic resins and sustainable bamboo fibres, we obtain long-lasting composite wood, a sustainable material pleasing to the touch and sight.

bamboo-based product
Ravaioli’s WPC is mostly natural and totally sustainable because it’s 60% made of bamboo fibres. Bamboo grows thirty times faster than most hardwood trees and emits 35% more oxygen into the environment.

made with recycled plastic
The remaining 40% of bamboo-based WPC is made of high-quality recycled plastic without toxic treatments or chemicals. A recycled material that finds new shapes and functions.

produced with solar energy
We believe that the way we produce impacts the product itself. Ravaioli WPC products are manufactured in solar-powered plants. Protecting the environment while saving tons of CO2.

Ravaioli WPC ranges

WPC Essence
Two options for a single product: double-sided boards with a different color on each side.
WPC Prestige
Six shades with a brushed effect give space to the imagination of lines and architectural developments.

protecting the environment
for the future