a green vision

Future generations and the whole ecosystem depend on our choices. We at Ravaioli Legnami firmly believe so. We implement this vision daily, involving every step of Ravaioli’s supply chain and fine-tuning our problem-solving techniques.

from our vision to our products

Our energy and production choices all revolve around this ecological transition.

Ravaioli Legnami’s products are designed to be green and fit the circular economy. Our focus on sustainability involves all stages of a product’s life cycle, including its production, use, and disposal.

Every process is designed to reduce the ecological footprint.

The future is now.

innovative and green materials

We provide innovative, low-impact, certified solutions thanks to our production vision.

For years, imported exotic wood has been iconic in terms of style, aesthetics, and resistance. Today, our research drives us towards alternative, more innovative, eco-friendly solutions.

This way, we can ensure the same quality standards and higher performance. That’s how we maintain our brand’s reputation, focusing on future generations in perfect Ravaioli Legnami’s style.

bamboo-based products

Bamboo is a highly productive and extraordinary wood species. It’s one of the fastest-growing plants, which doesn’t die after being cut.
That’s why it’s known as an excellent natural and renewable resource.

Bamboo’s sustainable features

  • it releases 35% more oxygen than other trees
  • it grows 30 times faster
  • nothing goes to waste.

Ravaioli bamboo range

We provide high-quality, bespoke, eco-friendly solutions.
We at Ravaioli believe that technological innovation and human intelligence can effectively reduce the impact on the planet. Our products are:

Ravaioli’s bamboo-based products help obtain credits for the Breeam and Leed certifications.

treated wood

Today, we propose treated wood as an alternative to more traditional exotic timber.

These are FSC® or PEFC- certified resinous wood (Pine or Ash wood) subject to thermal treatment and innovative industrial processes. This way, we obtain hi-tech products with excellent technical features. In terms of performance and durability, these woods are similar to exotic wood. But more environmentally friendly.

WPC: low-impact products

Technological evolution and scientific research focused on the future. A long-lasting and low-maintenance bamboo composite that outperforms wood. It maintains the aesthetic impact while reducing the environmental impact. Combining quality plastic resins and sustainable bamboo fibres results in innovative composite wood. A long-lasting product that is pleasing to the touch and sight. The magical beauty of wood.

bamboo-based product
 WPC products distributed by Ravaioli are mostly natural and totally sustainable because they are 60% made of bamboo fibres. It’s transformed into an almost waste-free composite.

made with recycled plastic
The remaining 40% of bamboo-based WPC is made of high-quality recycled plastic. A material that is not subject to toxic treatments or chemicals. Plastic is recovered and recycled to find new shapes and functions.

produced with solar energy
Avoiding greenhouse gas emissions means abandoning the use of fossil fuels. And most of all, it means opting for renewable energy, such as solar energy. We believe that the way we produce impacts the product itself. Ravaioli WPC products are manufactured in solar-powered plants.