architectural profiles

Ravaioli cladding finds its maximum expression and style in architectural profiles providing new perspective views (photo © Abodo).

shapes play with beauty

Shapes play with imagination, carving the timber. The result is beautiful design lines obtained thanks to the larger sections of the architectural profiles also used with the louvre system. Nature shares its beauty with surfaces and façades. Conceptualisation and design make it even more fascinating (© MOSO® Int. B.V. – design Dorota-Szlachcic).

Important elements become added value when designing spaces and settings, allowing us to add a unique touch to your projects. Solutions that stand out for their refined elegance.


Sustainable and certified products, like the range based on bamboo, an innovative and eco-friendly material. This fast-growing plant ensures a compact, solid, recyclable, and inalterable product of excellent visual effect.

Resinous wood (Pine or Ash wood) undergoes thermal treatment and hi-tech industrial processes to improve its technical characteristics and make it similar to the best exotic timber in terms of performance and durability.

We still offer certified exotic wood to prove its origin and nature.

shapes play with beauty