Ravaioli Legnami

from the heart of Romagna to international markets

We select and store raw materials, set up production lines, distribute our products, and provide after-sales service, engaging in a virtuous cycle while keeping our customers’ needs and the environment in mind. To provide all-around, quality, and innovative service.

Today, Ravaioli Legnami exports its products to Europe, Asia (China, Korea, the Philippines, and the Maldives), North Africa, and the Middle East.

a family story

The scent of wood has accompanied Ravaioli Legnami ever since it was established in 1985. The company started manufacturing profiles and skirting boards, taking care of every detail.

From the small workshop established in Villanova di Bagnacavallo (RA), we have come a long way thanks to the innovative spirit of the Bagnari family and their work team.

Over time, we kept believing in the same values, i.e., doing things right to make our clients happy.

continuous technological evolution

In almost 40 years of business, Ravaioli Legnami has implemented its organisation, production processes, and plants.

Ravaioli Legnami is Italy’s first company to commission laboratory testing to certified bodies. This way, we can provide product datasheets substantiating the technical, physical, and mechanical characteristics and properties for usage conditions of individual materials This includes data on durability, slipperiness, fire resistance, reflectance index, and thermal transmittance.

Our production plants allow us to obtain any type of processing. This way, we can create unique products based on the needs of our clients.

Ravaioli’s proverbial quality

For us, quality certifications help protect people, the common good, and future generations. That’s why we pursue sustainability when procuring raw materials and during the production process.

In Ravaioli Legnami, we develop bespoke solutions for the decking and cladding world, with quality and innovation always in mind. We carefully select raw materials, which must be sustainable and have high technological content.

Ravaioli Legnami designs patented profiles, attachment accessories, and new installation systems such as RemoClip® or the QuickSun louvre system.