cladding and ceiling

cladding and ceiling

Respect for nature and beautiful places, environmental protection, and appealing design are all important. Ravaioli Legnami operates in the cladding and ceiling sectors bearing in mind these goals, which lead to new ideas that we can turn into reality. Wooden or WPC cladding and ceilings and innovative installation systems make this sector an ever-evolving market ready to be launched towards a brighter and more functional future.

wooden cladding and ceilings

Wood surrounds and embraces façades and ceiling coverings, becoming a fascinating element that follows the latest design dynamics. Cladding with smooth or ribbed-like deck boards.

WPC cladding and ceilings

Easy-to-install vertical solutions or ceiling coverings made with WPC (Wood Polymer Composite), an innovative material that mixes high technical performance with nature’s warmth and beauty. And it’s maintenance-free! (photo © Eva-Last®)

Grad® installation system

Grad® is an innovative patented installation system consisting of aluminium substructure bars with pre-installed and pre-spaced plastic clips. Special milling on the back of the deck boards allows for easy, fast, precise, and removable installation (© MOSO® Int. B.V. – design BRT Architecten – photo R. Zeemering).

QuickSun® louvre system

Installing a louvre system using Ravaioli’s QuickSun is easier and quicker. The special template fastens the strip tiles quickly, leaving no room for errors. Its clip allows you to manage squared or rhomboidal wooden profiles.

architectural profiles

Shapes play with imagination, carving the timber. The result is beautiful design lines obtained thanks to the larger sections of the architectural profiles also used with the louvre system (photo © Abodo).

LifeSpan™ architectural profiles

A new patented architectural profile: it is a co-extruded, lightweight and durable architectural profile with an aluminium core covered with a WPC film that protects it from the elements. No maintenance required.