WPC Essence

Essence, the reconstructed wood in which essence lays within choice. Two options for a single product in two-colour-boards, that can be installed both on one side and on the other depending on the surrounding environment, on taste and on the opportunity. Four colours that match the new chromatic gradations of WPC Castello. A product for which research has not stopped at the aesthetics, but has moved on to the point of ensuring remarkable resistance to stains, scratches, humidity and weathering.


colour: Cenere e Sabbia, Noce e Liquerizia.

dimensions: section 21×136 mm,board length 2,200 mm

characteristics: it is composed of bamboo fibre, recycled plastic and chemical additives, and is produced in facilities powered by solar energy. The profile is coated with a co-extruded plastic film welded to the core, that confers resistance to stains, scratches, humidity, weathering and colour changes. Maintenance-free.

accessories: band in the available colours Cenere, Sabbia, Noce, Liquerizia.

warranty: guaranteed 25 years for residential use, 10 years for commercial use.

encapsulated board that does not fear stains, humidity, and scratches