Bamboo Density Savannah

Bamboo Density Savannah is the choice for a journey that will take you to the other side of the world, in countries with different customs and traditions, but with the welcoming spirit that this wood species can convey at each glance and step of the way.


colour: warm-toned sand.

characteristics: an exclusive process which crushes, evaporates and compresses bamboo fibres, which previously undergo high-density steam pressure. This process increases its durability, dimensional stability, hardness, and fire resistance. Bamboo Density Savannah comes already oiled with a specific protective product.

intended use: excellent for decking and cladding and ideal for interventions with a low environmental impact.

warranty: 25 years

certifications: available with FSC® certification on request. It helps obtain credits for the Breeam and Leed certifications due to its sustainable characteristics. As decking, Bfl-s1 reaction to fire (UNE EN 13501-1).

a product featuring warm and inviting shades