Cittadella bridge, Alessandria

the city’s new architectural symbol

Cittadella bridge, Alessandria

project: Richard Meier & Partners Architects, Dante O. Benini & Partners Architects

material: Ipè fastened with visible screws

supply: Itinera SpA

photo: Raffaele Vaccari, Studio Controluce

it replaces the previous bridge, damaged by a flood in 1994

The new Cittadella bridge in Alessandria (Italy) that connects the two banks of the river Tanaro has become the city’s architectural symbol thanks to its architect, Richard Meier.
It was inaugurated in 2016, replacing the previous bridge, damaged by a flood in 1994.

World-renowned US architect Richard Meier supervised the project in collaboration with Dante O. Benini & Partners Architects designed a 176.4 m single-span bridge consisting of 2 curved decks around a central ‘almond-shaped’ space to separate the vehicular traffic from bicycle and pedestrian traffic, interconnected with large steel tie-rods.

a single-span bridge with two decks

The pedestrian-cycling platform follows the axis of the old Napoleonic-era bridge. It’s made with Ipè wood to ensure stability, resistance, and a pleasing appearance.

The non-slip flooring is installed with asymmetric milling. Its width ranges between 13 and 7 metres, depending on the curvature degree of the central space.