City dock, Ravenna

a long-awaited project of vital importance to the city

a long-awaited project of vital importance to the city

project: studio Teprin Associati, Image S.r.l., ing. Tommaso Pavani, engineer Ivan Domenico Ceccaroni, agr. Paolo Gueltrini

material: Ipè fastened with visible screws

company: Deltambiente

photo: Marco Pirazzini, Gianluca Ricci

quotations from famous authors brim the walkway

Ravaioli Legnami is proud to have provided the materials for this long-awaited project resulting from the teamwork of Deltambiente’s designers. The architectural and professional value of this redevelopment project and the emotional bond between the company and Ravenna are a source of pride.

The walkway consists of a galvanised steel structure clad with Ipè deck boards. Ipè is a South American wood species appreciated for its resistance, durability, and high performance, even in humid settings.

The walkway is teemed with benches, trees, and decoration plants. A special kind of living room with reading stands displaying quotes about the city from famous authors like Dante, Byron, D’Annunzio, Montale, Pasolini, and Dario Fo.

a redevelopment project that opens to the sea

A harbour is the heart of a city. Yet, for over a century, Ravenna’s city dock was just an industrial area with no interest for the locals who didn’t work there.

This redevelopment project provides a strong identity to the area. Today, it’s a gateway to the sea and offers new liveable spaces where youngsters and families can gather.