Dimora dei Lari, Bacoli

elegance, beauty, and charm in the Gulf of Naples

Dimora dei Lari, Bacoli (NA)

project: arch. Alessandro Falconio

material: Bamboo Elegance with concealed milling

retailer: Edil Santa Chiara

installation: Piero Pasca and Vincenzo Castaldo

photo: Tiesse Digital

an elegant and refined project in a unique natural setting

Few places evoke feelings of freedom, awe, and beauty, like the Gulf of Naples. A land of beauty, history, and charm.

In the Dimora dei Lari in Bacoli, Bamboo Elegance with concealed milling installed with steel clips completes the project of Alessandro Falconio.

A new hotel concept that combines tradition with innovation. A place conceived to provide hospitality, beauty, and elegance.

Bamboo Elegance is the perfect mix of beauty and high technology

This project encloses many aspects, but the excellent architectural design and the use of a highly sustainable material like bamboo in such a unique setting deserve a special mention.

Bamboo Elegance: an essence that doesn’t fear the signs of time, temperature fluctuations, or weathering but remains unchanged thanks to its natural ageing effect. It’s perfect for private and public use, like in this case.