Gallia Palace Resort, Punta Ala

Elegance and technology in respect of the environment.

Gallia Palace Beach Golf SPA Resort, Punta Ala

material: Bamboo Density

photo: Gianluca Ricci

Warm caramel tones, for a look to the future.

The outline of the Elba Island surrounded by water. A look at the motion of the waves of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The Gallia Palace Beach Golf SPA Resort stands in this delightful corner of Tuscany represented by Punta Ala, in the province of Grosseto. A refined place where to spend quiet holidays surrounded by harmony. The beauty of the place and the elegance of the decking in Bamboo Density with concealed milling.

In an exclusive environment lays a highly performative material, that allows to reach two goals: both respect for the environment thanks to an engineered material, and classy and elegant aesthetics.