Impregnated in Autoclave Pine

Impregnated in Autoclave Pine, from certified tree plantations that respect the environment. The autoclaving process takes place after profiling the material. It consists in the absorption of Boron salt by pressure at about 10-12 kg/m³. Due to physical properties, such as extensive veining and a less compact texture, the material can contain cracks that are distinctive features.

un legno sostenibile, da coltivazioni certificate


colour: uneven, tending towards green. Autoclaved Pine can be used for finishing treatments with pigmented oils for a different final effect compared to its original colour.

characteristics: a stable, durable, and weather-resistant wood, thanks to the treatment it undergoes during production. Also suitable for humid environments.

intended use: as decking, it is not advisable to use it for pool decks due to its tendency to chip on the surface. It’s suitable for cladding and ceiling coverings with smooth deck boards.

certifications: PEFC, which ensures sustainable management of tree plantations in compliance with the indicated protocols and standards.

stable and long-lasting, suitable for humid settings