private residence, Gallura

a project that looks into the future while respecting the environment

private residence, Portobello di Gallura (SS)

project: Ar.En. Studio Associato – architetti Paola Rita Farè and Luca Michelon

material: Thermo-treated Bamboo with symmetrical milling, installed with RemoClip

supply: F.lli Naseddu, S.ta Teresa Gallura

installation: Costantino Dore

striking and elegant architectural lines

A swimming pool immersed in the Mediterranean maquis overlooking Sardinia’s sea, where the harmony between architectural lines and the natural environment gives life to spectacular views.

A structure that beautifully blends in with the surroundings even thanks to Thermo-treated Bamboo. An environmentally-friendly product made with bamboo fibres perfect for outdoor floorings and cladding thanks to its excellent hardness and dimensional stability.

the breathtaking beauty of a sustainable product

This project, designed by Paola Rita Farè and Luca Michelon, is inspired by an extraordinary natural setting where they inserted elegant and lightweight human artefacts.

They decided to use Thermo-treated Bamboo to be consistent with their sustainable vision and obtain beautiful architectural lines.