private residence – Italy

an integrated architectural project in the setting of a beautiful park

private residence, Italy

materiale: Thermo-treated Bamboo with concealed milling

installation: Stil Legno

photo: Gianluca Ricci

in a natural setting, the perfect combination of innovation and style

Ravaioli Legnami has always paid particular attention to the relationship between nature and innovation, accompanying each proposal with the basic concept of respect and integration into the landscape. Architectural projects and structural developments are integrated in what surrounds them and represents the pre-existing, to be safeguarded and from which to start with new ideas.

In this park of a private residence, a choice was made for the large pool edge that represents the perfect combination of innovation, understood as respect for the environment and durability over time, and style, taken to the highest level with classy solutions: Thermo-treated Bamboo with concealed milling. A technological and eco-sustainable product, the result of the most meticulous research.

harmony of lines and respect for nature

Sinuous, sweeping and harmonious lines for this swimming pool in a private residence, where a decking has been chosen that blends elegance, strength and compactness with careful attention to the environment.

A decking that has elegance as its hallmark and that accompanies the green spaces of the park without encroaching on them but providing a frame capable of enhancing them every single day. The landscape as a reference for progress, from which to draw inspiration without creating ruptures, but passing through research and constant updating of materials.