private residence, Ottaviano

sustainable and environmentally-friendly flooring

private residence, Ottaviano (NA)

material: Thermo-treated Bamboo with symmetrical milling, installed with steel clips

supply: Piero Pasca and Vincenzo Cataldo

photo: Tiesse Digital

a product that combines beauty and resistance

Bamboo is a highly recyclable material. The plant doesn’t die when stalks are harvested. On the contrary, it grows quickly. Thermo-treated Bamboo contains bamboo fibres, which makes it ideal for outdoor flooring and cladding as it combines beauty and resistance while being environmentally friendly.

It’s also a material rich in charm, like this private residence in Ottaviano (Naples) at the foot of mount Vesuvius.

a relaxation area with warm and soothing shades

The colours of the Thermo-treated Bamboo decking add a relaxing and cosy atmosphere to this swimming pool.

The high-density treatment makes it weather-resistant, as it retains its properties over time without warping or losing solidity.