Ravaioli Legnami also in Albania in the capital Tirana

Ravaioli Legnami is increasingly broadening its horizons and its gaze abroad, where it is already known and appreciated. The search for new market areas continues not only in Italy, but also in Europe and other continents.

And we can see the presence of Ravaioli Legnami inside the Qualità Italia.AL showroom in the Albanian capital of Tirana in this perspective. This place is born from the tradition of the Salzillo family in the market of ceramics, building products and finishes for the furniture in Caserta, and today represents a true excellence of our country.

Mimmo Salzillo, owner of Qualità Italia.AL, twelve years ago took a chance on Albania and on the beauty of the Italian product, which has always been appreciated throughout the world. A successful chance which, step by step, has allowed the company he leads to open a real boutique with high-level products. The structure has five employees specialized in the sector to provide commercial support to customers.

“The one opened in Tirana – says Angelo Bagnari, owner and export manager of Ravaioli Legnami – is a space which perfectly summarizes the ability to give value to beauty. A beauty that can only be achieved with harmony. Quality Italia.AL has proved it can best represent the excellence of our country and, with its expertise, it has been able to gain the trust of the best architects in Tirana, as it had already done in Italy. The Albanian market is constantly growing and not only in the construction sector. Universities and architecture studios are growing. This is why Tirana is today a city on the move and with a particular charm that combines tradition and future”.