Rhinowood™: the beauty of resinous wood combined with the technical and mechanical characteristics of exotic timber.
It’s the result of a production process that perfectly blends with Ravaioli’s vision of sustainability. Radiata Pinewood comes from sustainable forests and undergoes pressure impregnation with a blend of natural waxes. The obtained material does not contain toxins or other volatile organic compounds. This innovative patent allows pinewood to acquire the typical characteristics of exotic wood.

da un processo produttivo sostenibile


colour: caramel with amber shades. It tends to turn grey quickly without losing charm and beauty.

characteristics: the wood undergoes a treatment that modifies its physical and mechanical properties and doubles its density, making it stable, durable, and low-maintenance. Moreover, it reduces cracks, common in pinewood, and makes the material more compact. It comes with a brushed surface, which enhances its natural colour and veining.

intended use: suitable for decking, cladding, and ceiling.

stable, durable, and low-maintenance

photo © Rhinowood