Teak Asia

Teak Asia: from Indonesian plantations, the echoes of a territory producing a highly technical, multipurpose product. Its constant dimensional stability, water resistance, and beauty render Teak particularly popular on the market. Teak Asia is appreciated worldwide for its aesthetics and mechanical and physical characteristics.

essenza pregiata, di grande bellezza


colour: variable, from light yellow to bronze.

characteristics: the oily resin of Teak’s structure provides constant dimensional stability, excellent resistance to humidity and temperature changes, and protects it from fungi and parasites.

intended use: it can be used for private and residential floorings subjected to low to medium foot traffic. Available for the QuickSun louvre system.

certifications: possible CE marking (EN 1481-1:2005+A1:2011) for structural use and feasibility check with Ravaioli’s technical department.

stable and resistant to humidity