A floating forest in Venice: Galla installation by A. Nachtailer

An itinerant artwork on view from April 20 on the Grand Canal during the 59th Venice Art Biennale. The new “Galla” installation by Aaron Nachtailer is a 20 sq.m floating forest, “An invitation to the visitor to find a balance with themselves and Nature”.

This work of art was inaugurated on 20 April. And Ravaioli Legnami played an important role in this project, providing the recycled material for making the wooden structure. A new exciting experience that involved Ravaioli’s staff, who worked side-by-side with Nachtailer, a 36-year-old artist from Patagonia, Argentina, who has been living in Italy for some time now. Nachtailer has already presented several exhibitions in Italy. His sculptures and installations always have a “green-cultural” impact. In 2019, he presented “The Raw & the Cooked” at Palazzo Baronio in Ravenna for Maison Random. In 2021, always in Ravenna, he presented the installation “Mi Inferno / Tu Paradiso – Miraggio” in front of Unesco monuments, thanks to the archdioceses of Ravenna and Cervia and the Fondazione Monte di Bologna e Ravenna.

“Working with Aaron – said Angelo Bagnari, owner and export manager of Ravaioli – was a wonderful experience. Only the sensitivity and imagination of a great artist can give new life to recycled materials. I would have never expected such an amazing result and all the emotions that triggered in me. I hope that “Galla” with its pure fragility, can convey more peace in such an overbearing world.”

“Galla” is a floating forest that appears fragile in front of Venice’s majestic palaces, thus representing the vulnerability of all the forests in the world. At the same time, it symbolises Venice: fragile, with an uncertain future as it’s threatened by climate change and rising sea levels.

This sustainable installation aims at raising biodiversity and forest awareness. Over the centuries, humans have changed their relationship with Nature. At first, as hunter-gatherers, they feared and respected it. Then, they respected and tamed it through agriculture and gardening. Now, they’re exploiting it until its destruction.

Aaron Nachtailer brings the forest to the city. He reverses perceptions, highlighting the uniqueness of this work of art, bridging past, present, and future.

This art installation will be developed in Augmented Reality and presented on 27 April in the Decentraland metaverse and will end with a start-up to understand the possible implications of floating forests.

Villanova di Bagnacavallo (Ra), 22 April 2022