Ravaioli Legnami, once again alongside the territory and the Ravenna Marathon

Ravaioli Legnami has always been attentive and close to the territory that saw it born, paying attention to the well-being of people and respect for the environment. All this by supporting and contributing to initiatives that promote the development of the Romagna area and the surrounding territory.

For this reason, Ravaioli Legnami is alongside the Ravenna City of Art Marathon as the official sponsor of the 2022 edition, scheduled for the weekend from 11 to 13 November. It is a partnership that contains many meanings, but which above all highlights the common desire to always push in the direction of broadening one’s horizons, improving the proposal and collaborating between different realities with new synergies, which make the transversal offer an added value for the international market.

Ravaioli Legnami was founded in 1985 as a small carpentry shop producing profiles and skirting boards, and today it is a reference company in the world of decking, providing a production and distribution service for materials for outdoor flooring and cladding. Thanks to the foresight of president Elio Bagnari, the company has transformed from a small artisan business in the heart of Romagna to a leading company on the market. In addition to investments in the search for new quality solutions, Ravaioli Legnami has always been committed to a particular valorisation of internal human resources. The company is a point of reference in the social life of the area with a view to an always open and forward-looking vision also influenced by the internal generational turnover with Elio’s children, Angelo and Chiara Bagnari, engaged daily in the activities along with the General Director Mirko Franceschelli and a young, dynamic and motivated work group.

A group always ready for new challenges, just like that of the Ravenna City of Art Marathon.