redevelopment of the urban seafront

redevelopment of the urban seafront

Sant’Erasmo marina, Palermo

project: Provenzano Architetti Associati

materials: Itauba louvre system, Ipè decking installed with visible screws

promoter: OM Palermo

plant, structure and supervisor: ing. Enrico Petralia

Western Sicily Seaport System Authority: PM  Salvatore Acquista

contractor: Ingegneria Costruzioni Colombrita

photo: Serena Eller Vainicher

elements inspired by the sea

According to Studio Provenzano Architetti Associati, “the redevelopment project of the Sant’Erasmo marina aimed at expanding the public space and urban seafront as required by Palermo’s seaport authority. President Pasqualino Monti strongly wanted this intervention completed in 2019.

The intervention was classified as a zero-volume intervention. The new volume replaces the old one reducing the impact.

The Sant’Erasmo marina is considered a city port where people can go for pleasure. All the project elements are inspired by the sea. A kiosk, a restaurant lounge bar, and a small building intended for cultural activities define the purpose of this area.”

connection between the historic centre and the suburbs

Provenzano continued: “the intervention aims at simplifying the architectural shapes and reducing the materials used, using only local ones like plaster, Billemi stone, and wood.

This redevelopment intervention was conceived to connect the city centre with the suburbs, which deserves to be redeveloped.”