Villa Arabella, Capri

a magical, surprising and cosy place

Villa Arabella, Capri (NA)

project: Porta Engineering S.r.l.

material: Thermo-treated Bamboo installed with concealed milling

supply and installation: Piero Pasca and Vincenzo Castaldo

a glimpse of the sea, with elegance and detachment

The Italian peninsula is a realm of beauty, of places intertwining with history, art, culture and imagination. Unparalleled views of a style, both architectural and natural, that is unmatched in the world. Among the locations that enjoy a remarkable fame there is Capri, perhaps the most famous island of the “Belpaese”.

And Villa Arabella perfectly fits such a fascinating place: it is an elegant villa, built in full compliance with the traditional architecture of the place, that clearly relies on the unparalleled view of the coasts of Capri and the Gulf of Naples, creating a continuous connection with the surrounding landscape.

The starting point for the restyling of the external areas of the villa, designed by Porta Engineering, was actually the fusion of the place with the landscape. The goal of the project was to use building systems with a low environmental impact, represented by natural material such as wood and stone, laid completely dry in full compliance with the high landscape value context where the villa is located.

a place to enjoy from dawn until sunset

The choice of Thermo-treated Bamboo was made in order to combine both mechanical resistance and resistance to atmospheric agents into a technological and sustainable product.

Every decking platform was destined to a specific function: on the lateral terrace of the villa, the wood flooring gradually turns into cladding to include the jacuzzi and the shower panel, and allows to enjoy the possibility of walking barefoot for a complete interconnection with the natural environment.

From dawn until sunset it is possible to admire the endless shades of the light of Capri. And right at sunset, while the sky turns pink, this place shows its most magical atmosphere, also thanks to a wise play of light where every area has the proper lighting.